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  • Consoles
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  • Computers
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  • Circuit board repair
  • Micro-soldering
  • Liquid damage repair

    Are just a few of the services we offer at Mr. Tech.

At Mr. Tech Ltd we offer repairs on a wide range of devices. We keep stock for the most frequent repairs, so we can offer a quick turn-around. We also offer in-depth board and no-power repairs on all almost all electronics. Check out some of our work!

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Our work

iPhone 12 Pro Max split-board not charging repair!!

The iPhone came in with a flat battery and was unable to charge. With the phone hooked up to an external power supply, it would turn on, but the touchscreen had no function. We opened up the phone and split the dual-layer motherboard, diagnosing the issue as a chip that controls power coming in from the charger known as the "Kraken." With the chip replaced and the motherboard soldered back together, the phone proceeded to turn on, and the touch function was back!

iMac in for no power. visual diagnostics revealed a faulty and cracked component that needed replacing.

Xbox Series X HDMI port replacement:

1. Soldered by Mr. Tech.

2. How they come from the factory.

Nintendo Switch USB-C port replacement at 30x speed.

PS5 USB port replacement x2.

iPhone Tristar replacement, a common no power repair on Apple devices.

iPhone Audio IC reball. This is a step in a common repair for no audio on the iPhone 7. The IC (chip) itself isn't normally the issue and is actully caused by trace damage on the board. The IC is reballed so it doesn't have to be replaced.

About us

Mr. Tech is currently a two man operation. Both having a long background in electronics repair. The company was started in May 2017 and has steadily grown since, going Limited early 2020 and expanding the size of the store.

Since opening we've been predominantly a walk-in repair center, but now offer mail-in repairs from inside the UK as well as internationally. We don't only repair the usual tech, but have worked on a wide variety of electronics.